Zelenci is beautiful natural reserve in the northwest part of Slovenia (see navigation button bellow and the map at the bottom of the article), near Kranjska Gora.

Name is derived from the word green due to the colour of the water. In Slovenian language, the colour green is “zelena”, therefore the name Zelenci. A literal translation would be “The Greens” (plural green).

Kranjska Gora is known for many ski resorts, hiking and cycling trails, ice climbing, sledding and snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, adrenaline parks and ferrates (Mojstrana, Hvadnik, Jermn…). Under beautiful alps, you can play golf, tennis and much much more. It offers amazing recreational and vocational facilities for adults and children, making it a perfect place for family vacations.

Lake sediments found in the region prove Zelenci is the last remaining part of a once large lake that used to be here a long time ago. Zelenci is actually part of lowland stream Nadiža, source of which is near a mountain lodge Tamar.

The porous chalk bottom of the Zelenci constantly releases water in the form of small bursts, making it a unique example in Slovenia. The temperature of the lake water varies just a degree or two and is always somewhere between 5°C – 6°C. Due to this phenomena, the lake never freezes.

If you start your hiking trail before the bridge (see pictures), you’ll see some info-boards, that explain the environment. In this beautiful area, where Zelenci is located, many aminal and plant species can be found. Some endangered.

The title Natural Reserve was given to Zelenci in 1992.

If you plan on visiting Zelenci, I suggest you start in Kranjska Gora. There are beautiful cycling routes, so Zelenci can be visited by bike.

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