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Various content. Historic points and interesting locatons.

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Various content. Historic points and interesting locatons.

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Velika planina

Velika planina is a mountain plateau in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The highest point Gradišče reaches a height of 1666 meters above sea level…

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Velika Planina – Plateau with an idyllic shepherd settlement


Velika planina is a 1666 m high plateau known the shepherd's cottages.Velika Planina is a mountain plateau in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The highest point is Gradišče and reaches a height of 1666 meters above sea level.

A wonderful and idyllic hiking destination will impress you with natural beauties, but also with a history that is revealed through many historically interesting points.

Shepherd settlement, Chapel of Mary of the Snow, Vetrnica Cave, and Dovja Griča etc.

Shepherd’s settlement

A specialty at European level, the shepherd’s settlement is considered one of the last such settlements in Europe. Typical architecture is the motive of countless visitors’ photos and is a synonym for the alpine idyll of the Slovenian mountains. Houses or “Bajte” (an old term) have spruce roofing.

From June to September, the resort is a place where you can taste many homemade delicacies and is a kind of culinary step into history. Sour milk and buckwheat taste even better when in the embrace of the beautiful nature. Even more so after a long walk, which you can start from many starting points. My journey started in a little less than four hours to walk away in the village of Stahovica.

Velika planina is a 1666 m high plateau known the shepherd's cottages.In addition to the village itself, shepherds and homemade food, one of the biggest attractions is the Chapel of Mary of the Snow. It is known that it was burnt down by the German army (World War II), but the initiative of the shepherds led to the rebuilding, a re-installation that took place in 1988.

Chapel of Mary of the Snow stood on the exact same location before the fire, that is, before the Second World War. In connection with the Chapel dedicated to Mary the Snow, on August 5, a holiday is celebrated, which is of a special significance and value to the settlement.

All the aforementioned features of the Velika Planina and its surroundings, mother nature makes this trip even more interesting. Caves Mala and Velika Vetrnica are beautiful geological attractions, especially if we take into account the fact that in the Velika Vetrnica cave we find snow even during the summer months.

A step here, a step there – Even up to 20 kilometers of walking.

If you go on a hike to Velika Planina, then you will make the first step in the settlement of Stahovica. This way you will do a lot for yourself in terms of movement and health, and at the same time, you’ll do a lot for nature that needs gentleness and care more than ever before. The walk will be about 3 hours and a half. If you are in a hiking spirit, and you are fascinated by research flair with a straightforward childish curiosity, the hike will be much longer.

The first third of the route – Sveti Primož and Sveti Felicijan

A beautiful, historically interesting viewpoint at 826 meters above sea level. The Church of St. Primož and Felicijan is an opportunity for the first snack while offering a beautiful view. It is reached approximately an hour walk from the starting point, 383 m above the village Stahovica.

About the church

The Church of St. Primož and Felician was built in the 12th century and renewed in the 16th century. Dedicated to the martyrs Primož and Felician, who died during the reign of Emperor Diocletian. Beautiful medieval paintings speak positive and sad stories. From Three Kings to Bethlehem, beyond the depictions of Mary’s life, to catastrophes such as hunger, plague, and Turkish invasions.

The history of points, such as the Church of St. Primož and Felician, is an inexhaustible source for contributions and thought-travel through time.

The second third of the route – Pirčeva Planina and cottage Dom na Kisovcu

After a long walk through the forest you will arrive at 1275 meters above sea level to the Dom na Kisovcu (cottage). Tho it is accessed by car, I would like to invite you to a decision that you do not go by car to such a beautiful nature and leave this opportunity either for urgent situations, or for people who otherwise really could not experience the beauty of the Velika and Mala planina and the points before the very summit. I would go by car when I would take someone with me, who can not hike for that long and does not have physical endurance.

The Dom na Kisovcu has a classic catering offer, along with accommodation. Friendly staff and beautiful surroundings are a good endpoint or intermediate point for a hiking adventure. The forest will limit your view, but the environment is very pleasant and relaxing. It’s definitely worth a visit. From the Kisovec, I continued the path towards the Velika planina, and in the meantime, I stopped for a lunch with the gentleman, who is the stable caretaker for the grazing community.

The stable stands alone, on the edge of the valley in the direction of Velika planina. Together with his shepherd puppy Bleki we enjoyed delicious meats and home-made cheese. This gentleman is the reason that I invite you to consider going by car into such a beautiful environment. He also asked me not to fly over the cattle with a drone, request I also respected. When I asked him if he was disturbed by recording with a dron, he said no, but that the cattle probably does not like this in the way we imagine it. If he’s right or not, I’m not interested, it’s important that I respect this and not impose anything. Last but not least, I went to a hike to nature, not to play with gadgets.

Hiking on Velika planina is a wonderful experience, worth repeating. Beautiful nature, kind people, cultural and natural heritage, delicious food and simply something to experience. Like every ascent, every hike, this one I will also repeat many more times.

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