Šmarjetna gora above Kranj

Šmarjetna gora is a 646 meters high hill above Kranj which, despite the relatively low altitude, offers a wonderful 360° view. For the starting point of the horizon, we set the capital of Slovenia (Ljubljana) and we will turn right.

Šmarjetna gora is 646 meters high hill above Kranj in Slovenia.

Šmarjetna gora – View

During the journey through the horizon, a beautiful array of Slovenian hills and mountains is revealed.

First, there is Ljubljana with its Šmarna gora and Grmada, past the peaks of the Polhov Gradec mountain range, with the highest peak Tošč (1021 meters above sea level). The view continues to the 1025 m high Lubnik in Škofjeloško hribovje, passing the Mladi vrh (1374 m) towards 1562 m high Blegoš.

Further on, we can see the Julian Alps in the distance and the horizon line leads us to the Karavanke, with the mountain Stol (2236 meters above sea level). Little further to the right, 2060 meters high Begunjščica is revealed.

The view continues towards 1968 meters high Košutnica, also known as Ljubeljska baba, which leads us to the Kamniško-Savinjske alps. There, among many others, you’ll see Kriška gora (1460 meters), Tolsti vrh (1715 meters) etc. The view leads past 1769 meters high mountain Psica towards 2132 meters high Storžič.

This beautiful horizon continues to the second-highest mountain of the Kamniško-Savinjske alps. It is 2540 meters high, a rather demanding mountain named Jezerska Kočna. Due to its position, it seems higher, but it is 18 meters lower than the Grintovec, beautiful mountain with an altitude of 2558 meters above sea level.

Grintovec is the highest peak in the Kamniško-Savinjske alps. Next, you will see the 2224 m high Kalški greben. With this, we slowly descend on this wonderful “sightseeing” travelogue, full of beautiful peaks. Before we go back to the valley of the capital of Slovenia, there is 1853 meter high Krvavec greeting us.

The Šmarjetna gora is an undemanding hiking trip, which besides the warm tea, coffee or some snack in the Bellevue Hotel Bar offers the horizon, full of beautiful Slovenian hills and mountains.


Šmarjetna gora

Jesus Christ

The Šmarjetna gora is also famous for the Church of the Saint Marjeta (St. Martha). Unfortunately, there is no accurate information on the construction of the church. Historians believe it was built sometime in the 9th century. For a long time, the church was left to ruins. It was completely abandoned in the 1785 and centuries of loneliness led to the ruins.

Finally, the decay was, light lifting a spell, stopped by parish priest Ciril Brglez in 1989, when the Church of the Saint Marjeta received its centuries-awaited restoration. The church is also known by the Gothic statue of the seated Mary, dating to the 16th century. For pilgrims, the stone in front of the church, which is supposed to have healing power, has always been of great importance.

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GPS Coordinates
46°14'23.1"N 14°20'48.0"E
Easy and marked path.
Necessary equipment
No special equipment required.
Difficulty for this tour
Šmarjetna gora is a 646 meters high hill above Kranj. Despite the relatively low altitude, Šmarjetna gora offers a wonderful 360° view of the surrounding area.