Krupa – Natural monument, protected under Natura 2000.

The spring of the river Krupa – Natural monument, protected under Natura 2000. River Krupa comes out under the 30 meters high rock wall, that clearly shows tectonic shifts, making it truly interesting sight.

Krupa is a river in Slovenia, known for horrible PCB pollution.


Krupa is located in southeastern Slovenia, region Bela krajina (White Carniola), approx. halfway between towns Gradac and Semič.

It is a short river, about 2.5km (1.6 miles) long that joins river Lahinja in the town Gradac. In 1983 there was massive pollution of the spring, caused by the factory Iskra kondenzatorji.

Pollution with impregnation agent PCB exceeded permitted limit by 400 times, making Krupa the only river in Europe with that level of pollution and placing it among most polluted waters even in the entire world. PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, are chemicals used as impregnation agent. These chemicals have unintended impacts on human and environmental health while research has shown that the narrower area along the river is still heavily contaminated with carcinogenic PCBs. Fish are highly toxic and PCB is also present in humans.

Some analysts say, that pollution of Krupa with PCB caused high rates of cancer among people living there.

From source of river Krupa, you can drive few kilometers further and visit an interesting location, a reminder of World War II – DC3 Dakota LZ point.

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