Altemaver – Ratitovec

Ratitovec is a long grass ridge. The highest point of the ridge is Altemaver, reaching the altitude of 1672 meters above sea level.

Altemaver Ratitovec Slovenija

Valley below Ratitovec

The point Gladki vrh is 6 meters lower and reaches an altitude of 1666 meters above sea level.  The starting point of this hiking adventure is at the village Prtovč, which lays at an altitude of 1010 meters. Due to its position, the Ratitovec offers one of the most beautiful views in Slovenian mountains.

The view goes 360°, and the hiker can take a deep breath while looking both into Julian Alps, Kamniniško-Savinjske Alps, as well as Karavanke.

As mentioned above, Altemaver is the highest peak, and Gladki vrh is second. With an altitude of 1658 m, follows the point named Kremant, while fourth place goes for Kosmati vrh with an altitude of 1644 meters above sea level. Kosmati vrh can be translated as “hairy peak”. The name is related to dense woods at the top.

With 1666 meters above sea level, Ratitovec (Altemaver) barely passes the tree line, just enough to deserve to be called a mountain. The top is truly beautiful and feels like small mountain plateau, where cows graze.

There is also a mountain lodge named Krekova koča (Krek’s hut). There you can enjoy some delicious homemade, traditional food, combined with refreshing and healthy sour milk.

Krekova koča Altemaver Ratitovec Slovenija

Krekova koča

The hut is located just below Gladki vrh (1667 m) on the ridge of Ratitovec. The first lodge was built in 1925 and was named Krekova koča after dr. Janez Krek who lived between 1865-1917. During the World War II, May 1, 1943, the lodge was burned down, but 11 years later, on the foundations of the old Krekova koča, a new lodge was built and opened on July 18, 1954.

In recent years, Krekova koča has been thoroughly renovated. Today it has electricity and is permanently opened from the first weekend in June to the last weekend in September. Out of season, the lodge operates on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

There are 12 beds available in three rooms and 12 additional. The restaurant is heated by a farm stove, creating a beautiful and cosy atmosphere to warm you up, while enjoying some tasty food.

Altemaver Ratitovec Slovenija


The starting point of this beautiful hiking trip is from a beautiful church. The Church of The Helping Mary is located at the very beginning of the village of Prtovč. From there, you can already enjoy a view of the Kamnik Savinja Alps.

It was built in 1870 as an upgrade of an existing chapel. Inside, there is a large altar, which is the work of Marko Peternelj. The church is part of Slovenia’s cultural heritage.

RatitiovecAltemaver is surely a must-visit hiking destination. It is not too demanding, but in the winter, do have crampons and ice ax. Safety first, right!

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46°13'39.9"N 14°06'48.2"E
1672 meters
Ratitovec is a long grass ridge. The highest point of the ridge is Altemaver that reaches the altitude of 1672 meters above sea level. Point Gladki vrh...
Easy and marked path - Via "Povden"
Necessary equipment
Crampons & Ice Axe
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