Planina above Vrhnika.

Planina nad Vrhniko

Planina above Vrhnika.

Planina above Vrhnika is a 733 m high hill, located in the western part of Vrhnika, about 30 km from Ljubljana. The hike is easy and top of the hill is also accessible by car.

Planina above Vrhnika is one among many popular hiking destinations that attract many visitors. In 2008, a wooden watchtower was built on top, extending the view much further. The tower offers 360° views of the area, surrounding hills, valleys and mountains in the distance.

The tower is the highest wooden structure in Slovenia.

At the top of the tower, there is a viewpoint board that can be very helpful to visitors. The view extends to Ljubljana’s Barje, Vrhnika, Nanos, Tošč, Blegoš, Lubnik all the way to Karavanke.

Rupnik’s line at Zaplana

If you come to Planina from the direction of Zaplana, you will follow the so-called Rupnik line. Along the way, you will find many fortifications of the Rupnik Line dating back to the pre-WWII era.

Planina nad Vrhniko

Rupnik line.

It is a system of fortifications that the Kingdom of Yugoslavia began to build as preparation for defence against the Italian attack.

The name Rupnik line is after the general of Slovenian origin, Leon Rupnik. It is interesting to note that the Italian army did not demolish the bunkers even after they occupied and deliberately destroyed the area in World War II.

Hiking trails

There are several hiking trails leading to Planina above Vrhnika; access to the summit is also possible by car, which is otherwise not a good idea. More than a drive to the top, it’s a nice hiking route if you park at least a mile or so below. Doing so, you do much good for yourself and for the nature.

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GPS Coordinates
45°57'04.7"N 14°12'57.8"E
1h 40min
Easy and marked path.
Necessary equipment
No special equipment required, but there can be a lot of snow in the wintertime. Check the weather conditions before going.
Difficulty for this tour
Planina above Vrhnika is a 733 m high hill, located in the western part of Vrhnika...