Otliško okno – 800m

Otliško okno in Ajdovščina, Slovenia is 847 meters high hill with beautiful view.

Otliško okno

To the north of Ajdovšina is the Trnovo plateau, Gora (mountain). Along the entire plateau, there are several individual peaks.

847 meters tall Otliški maj, 961 meters tall Kovk and 800 meters tall Otliško okno.

The top of the plateau has few villages and some remote farms.  One village is named Sibirska (Siberian) and the other one is Kitajska (China). There are also villages Kurja (name related to chicken) and Cerkovna (name related to church).

Otliško okno is one of the countless geological attractions of Karst world. The natural sight, which is an indication of the power of erosion and corrosion, is really something special. If you want to experience the view through this 10-12 meters high and 6-7 meters wide “window”, you will have to climb to a height of a little bit more than 800 meters.

For the starting point, I propose the source of the river Hubelj.

The path leads through the woods and becomes increasingly eye-catching towards the top. In the meantime, you will arrive at the Malo Otliško okno, translated as “Small Otlica window”, which is about 20 meters below than the large one. The view from the top is wonderful.

At the southeast, there is hill Kovk, while Nanos is revealed in the background. In the foothills of the plateau, Ajdovščina and Vipava valleys are clearly visible, as well as individual villages and places such as Lokavec, Dobravlje, Vrtovin, Potoče, Velika Žablja, etc.

From the sloping window to the west, you can see a plateau with some interesting hiking points, such as 1185 meters high Čaven, 1237 high Veliki rob and Kucelj. There are southern slopes of Trnovski gozd visible as well. The view is best if you climb to Otliški maj.

The legend of Otliško okno – Simplified.

Jesus and St. Peter walked around the world. While passing these lands, they sat in the shade to relax. Jesus pointed against Čaven (hill) and said that the hill is supported by the golden columns, and there is a golden lake below.

The devil, who followed them secretly heard this and wanted the golden pillars for himself. When he got the chance, he lifted the Čaven hill on his back, but the weight of the load was so heavy that he stumbled and hit a rock with a horn with such a force that he made the hole, known today as Otliško okno (Otlica window).

The Devil’s footprint is also visible in the part of the hill.

About Trnovski gozd

Trnovski gozd is a part of the Dinaric Mountains, which extend over a wide area and consists of the Nanos, Hrušica, Banjška plateaus, all the way to the Trebušica valley.

The main characteristic of Trnovski gozd is its karst composition, which means that throughout the area there are many abysses, hills, and caves, among which there is also the world renown, 650 meters deep and 4 kilometres long Great Ice Cave.

Angelic Path or “The Thematic Path through Angelska Gora”

Otliško okno - Angelic path

Angelic path

If you have a day to spend and want to see the greater part of the plateau, experience the karst world and reach many points that offer a wonderful view, then continue your hiking trip along the Angels route (marked).

Angleska Gora (meaning Angel mountain). A walk through this thematic route can be transformed into a whole-day, unforgettable adventure.

As a family, you can plan an easy, not physically demanding hike, as you can get to the village of Otlica (which is named after “hollow mountain”) with a car. If you want a slightly longer hike and a bit of a bigger challenge, climb to the top from the starting point mentioned at the beginning of this article.

The Otliško okno is a wonderful hiking destination, with many interesting points and a beautiful view.

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© Author: Text, photo and video:
Leon G. Milošević

GPS Coordinates
45°54'14.5"N 13°54'45.6"E
1h 20min
Easy and marked path.
Necessary equipment
No special equipment neccessary. Always check the weather forecast and other conditions before going.
Difficulty for this tour