Dovška Baba & Dovška Rožca

Hiking to mountain Dovška Baba (German: Frauenkogel). A peak in the Western part of Slovenian Karavanke mountain range lies on the border between Slovenia and Austria, above the village of Dovje and reaches an altitude of 1891 m.a.s.l.

Dovška Baba is 1891 m high mountain in Karavanke mountain range. Bellow the summit there is a cottage Dovška Rožca.

Dovška Rožca from Dovška Baba

200 meters lower you’ll reach Dovška Rožca, a panoramic view-point located on the southwestern slopes of Dovška Baba. From the mountain, on which the shepherd’s cottage is located, there is a beautiful view of the highest peaks of the Julian Alps, part of the western Karavanke and part of the Upper Sava Valley.

Dovška Rožca (Literal translation would be: The Little Flower of Dovje) is located at an altitude of 1692 m.a.s.l. bellow Dovška Baba. Region s known as an ideal location for ski touring and offers impressive views. 

In good weather, the Julian Alps and Triglav are revealed in all their beauty, since the Triglav, highest mountain in Slovenia, is only 17 km away (aerial distance).

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© Author: Text, photo and video:
Leon G. Milošević

GPS Coordinates
46°28'07.3"N 13°57'37.1"E
3h 20min
Easy and marked path (macadam).
Necessary equipment
Crampons and Ice Axe. Safety first.
Difficulty for this tour
Dovška baba is a beautiful mountain in Karavanke mountain range, Slovenia with an altitude of 1891 m. It lies on the border between Slovenia and Austria...