Krn – Beautiful mountain in Julian Alps

At 2240 m.a.s.l. looking into the valley.

Krn is a 2244 m high mountain in Slovenian Julian Alps.

Krn lake

A beautiful mountain in Slovenian Julian Alps and with its 2244 m.a.s.l. also the highest mountain in the Krn Group. An interesting fact is, that the aerial (airline) distance between Krn and the Adriatic Sea is only 50 km, making a part of Adriatic coast visible from the mountain top.

The mountain group occupies the far south-western end of the Julian Alps, which is surrounded on all sides by the valleys of emerald river Soča and other natural gifts Slovenia has to offer.

Just below the summit, we reach the Gomišček shelter. Descend east from the top to the saddle between Krn and Batognica (Krn stub). Here we can see the remains from the Soška fronta (Battles of Isonzo), which remind us of the dark history of these mountains. History of the mountain is interesting. Here, fierce fighting took place during World War I to wich many remains from that period testify. The Battles of the Isonzo (Soška fronta) were a series many battles between the Austro-Hungarian and Italian armies in World War I on the territory of Slovenia, and along the Isonzo River on the eastern sector of the Italian Front between June 1915 and November 1917.

Krn attracts many and is a popular hiking destination. It offers an amazing view far into the distance.

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Leon G. Milošević

GPS Coordinates
46°14'29.8"N 13°39'35.1"E
3h 20min
Necessary equipment
Crampons and Ice Axe
Difficulty for this tour