Slovenian alpine museum

Slovenian alpine museum

Slovenian alpine museum

Slovenian alpine museum is dedicated to mountaineering in Slovenia. The headquarters of the museum is in Mojstrana and was opened on August 7, 2010. The opening date is exactly on the 115th anniversary of the Aljaž tower (Triglav). Museum displays and describes the history and social significance of the mountain world and mountaineering in Slovenia at the expert level.

When you visit, the first thing you’ll notice is modern architecture, which is designed to represent a massive rock while the façade summarizes the shape of a high mountain shelter. The contemporary exterior leads into also the modern interior of the museum, which is equally interesting in its design.

Museum also boasts the latest audiovisual and information technology. The wonderful architecture is the work of the project team, lead by prof. dr. Boris Leskovac.

Immediately noticeable in front of the museum, in addition to the Mojstrana Olympic sports board with many names, is the legendary Bivak II (mountain shelter II – bivouac), built by the members of the Skala Club (skala means rock in Slovenian) from Jesenice in 1936. They built it above the Vrata valley, below the Rokavi.

The shelter which is always on display was moved to the museum in 2015, and represents part of the Slovenian mountaineering heritage. You can also sign up for a very interesting game that includes the bivouac.

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