Mount Saint Mary, Grmada and river Sava, Tacen Ljubljana

Mount Saint Mary, Grmada and river Sava, Tacen Ljubljana
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Weather forecast

Šmarna gora (Mount St. Mary)

few clouds 29° C 26° C | 33° C 2.6 m/s 58 % 1026 hPa
  • Wednesday clear sky 32° C
  • Thursday clear sky 36° C
  • Friday clear sky 25° C

Starting point

Starting point: Tacen  303 m.a.s.l.
Goal: Grmada  676 m.a.s.l.
Name of the hiking trail: Mazijeva steza
Route difficulty: Easy and marked way
Estimated time:
1 hour

Altitude difference: 373 m

In winter, it is recommended to use ice-ax and crampons. Before hiking, check weather conditions using webcams and weather forecasts.

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GPS to starting point


Photo gallery

Šmarna gora (Mount Saint Mary)

Smarna gora Grmada Tacen Ljubljana Slovenija 31 300x225 - Mount Saint Mary, Grmada and river Sava, Tacen Ljubljana mount saint mary - Smarna gora Grmada Tacen Ljubljana Slovenija 31 300x225 - Mount Saint Mary, Grmada and river Sava, Tacen LjubljanaIn the middle of the Ljubljana valley, there is a hill with two peaks. To the west, there is a peak called Grmada with an altitude of 676 m, to the east, there is slightly more popular Šmarna gora (Mount Saint Mary) with an altitude of 669 m. The position of the Mount Saint Mary is what has made it such a popular hiking destination. It offers wonderful views from the top. The capital of Slovenia Ljubljana reveals itself in a very special way. Either on a clear day or while hidden under the morning fog, the view from the top is always wonderful.

INTERESTING FACT: Šmarna gora consists of deep-sea sediments. This is fascinatin, but it is known that traces of marine life can be found on most of the world’s peaks and summits, which tells us how colossal were the changes of our planet in the past. For example Nanos is also entirely marine origin. The traces of the marine life and rocks can be found at the peaks of the Julian Alps and also the world-famous Everest.

From the “mountain” you can see the Kamniško Savinjske Alps, the Polhov Gradec hills, and the Julian Alps. Beautiful nature, the riverbed of the river Sava, geological sister Rašica and much more.

Paths (to the top)

You can reach the top from many points and through many marked and unmarked routes. Two most popular starting points are:

1. TACEN STARTING POINT (GPS Navigation above text)
This is the most visited and probably the most well-known route with toll-free parking lot by the main road. On the first third of the route, you can make a decision and turn to Mazijeva steza (Mazi’s path), which takes you to the top of Grmada.

2. ŠMARTNO STARTING POINT (GPS Navigation above text)
The starting point, which I prefer. Like on the first route, the hiker can choose among many routes to the top. The names of each route are clearly visible on the read boards. Paths are well marked and will take you to the top. When hiking, however, it is always fun to go with the saying: “New path, new horizon.” But be sure you know what you’re doing.

Church of the Mother of God at the top of Šmarna gora (Mount Saint Mary)

The first mention of the church dates back to the year 1314. Considering that this is the first mention, it can be concluded that the church stands even longer . The need for a larger church leads to first one being demolished and between years 1711-1712, a new one was built, which was consecrated 17 years later, on May 31, 1729. Painting were done by Baroque painter Matevž Langus.

The Ledinek Inn at the top

Family-owned business. The Ledinek Inn will warmly welcome you. They are famous for their kindness and delicious Slovenian home-made food. In the winter, they make a tasty home-made tea, prepared by their own recipe. Food is tasty and changes according to the season.

INTERESTING FACT: Under the Šmarna gora (Mount Saint Mary) the river Sava flows. Due to fast waters, Sava attracts adrenaline and kayaking enthusiasts and professionals. In Slovenia, location Tacen is known mostly for the police academy but worldwide it is known for the world kayak championship. During the championship, kayakers from all over the world visit the place.

In the summertime, the Sava River provides locals with a place to enjoy quality time in nature and relax in plenty of sunshine.