Mali Golak

Mali Golak

Mali Golak

Mali Golak is the tallest peak among Golak peaks in Gorizia, Notranjska and Snežnik hills. Reaching an altitude of 1495 meters above sea level, Mali Golak is 15 meters taller than Veliki Golak (Large Golak). The name is not related to hight, but to the size of a peak.

Dedicated to: Živko Benko * 28.11.1961 † 8.11.2019

From the top of Mali Golak, there is a beautiful view of entire Slovenia. You can clearly see Triglav and a large part of the Julian Alps. The Karavanke and Kamnik Alps are also visible, coastal region of Slovenia and parts of Italy.

The hiking trail is not difficult and the top of Mali Golak is easily reachable. If your starting point is Predmeja, it will take about an hour and a half to reach the top.

The trail will lead you on a macadam road, but you can also use Adria Trail, which leads through the forest, making you hiking adventure just a bit more difficult, but somewhat shorter. From Mali Golak you can see hill Čaven ahead and bellow there is a beautiful city Ajdovščina and Vipava Valley. In the vicinity of Ajdovščina, there are many starting points leading to the surrounding hills, such as Otliško okno and before mentioned Čaven. You can also visit the source of river Hubelj and many other interesting points.


The village of Predmeja was formed on the edge of the Trnovo Forest, about 400 years ago. Predmeja is located at an altitude of 896 meters above sea level, making it an ideal starting point to surrounding hills. But Predmeja is not known for only being an excellent starting point for hiking but has a much darker story to tell. It is the site of known mass graves associated with WWII. Many of the graves contain remains of German soldiers and many unidentified victims of World War 2.

While driving to Predmeja, you will see tunnels that lead through solid massive rocks. The road is narrow, so you should be careful of oncoming vehicles. Probably other hikers going home from Mali Golak adventure.

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