Iški vintgar

Iški vintgar

Iški vintgar, Ljubljansko barje and the oldest wheel in the world

The Iški Vintgar is a popular excursion point, located just over 20 kilometres from Ljubljana towards Ig. The beautiful nature in the canyon of the Iška river offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities. Cycling, hiking, climbing, camping, and picnics.

In the summertime, the Iški Vintgar is primarily visited to relax and cool down in a cold river, but this is a wonderful spot and a natural pearl worth a visit all year long. The Iški Vintgar is geologically extremely interesting. It represents the natural delimitation of the Dolenjska (Lower Carniola) and Notranjska (Inner Carniola) regions. The canyon was created by strong tectonic movements and the Iška River over millions of years. A picturesque location, which will surely remain in your memory.

About the cottage

The cottage in the Iški vintgar is located at an altitude of 360m. It was built in 1947 and initially was only a wooden building, which in 1955 also received the first masonry building, today’s inn.

The location of the Inn is at the same time a starting point to many directions. From here you can go on a 1h 30min long hike towards Vrbica, a 2h 30min long hike towards the Krvava peč (Bloody Stove) or 4h 45min steps in the direction of Kurešček. If you want to reach 1107m high Krim, you’ll hike for about 2h.

About the river

The Iška River originates in the eastern part of Notranjska region and flows into the Ljubljanica river. It is just over 30 kilometres long.

The Ljubljansko barje

The Ljubljansko barje covers as many as 163 km². A swampy area that, when flooded, becomes the largest Slovenian lake. (source: Wikipedia) The Ljubljansko barje is known for its plant and animal diversity, while historically it is known for settlements (pile dwellings) that date back as far as 6500 years ago. Built by the first farmers, the remains of two prehistoric settlements near the town of Ig are registered in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage (2011).

INTERESTING FACT: In April 2002 a two-wheeler was found. Archaeologists estimate that the find is about 5300 years old, which means that it is the oldest found bike in the world.

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