Hiking essentials

Hiking gives us beautiful experiences. To enjoy it as best as possible, there are some hiking essentials that we should know, to be safe.

Hiking essentials


Hiking gives us beautiful experiences, amazing nature and spectacular views can be just as breathtaking as the hike itself. To be as Best hiking advice you can giveprepared as possible, making a checklist before every hiking trip is the best approach.

Starting with getting information about the region you’ll be visiting, analyzing weather conditions, thinking how much water do you need, how much food etc. Packing things in advance and still trying to be as light-weight as possible in terms of luggage you carry, is crucial. Do note that even something as beautiful as a hiking trip, can result in unwanted situations, so always be prepared. Here is my advice for a hiking trip, but do note this is only a starting point to get you…well started.

TIP: Caelum Nature offers weather forecast on all locations.

Backpacking essentials

If situations happen and you are not prepared, it can ruin your trip, or even put you in danger.

  1. Never overestimate your capabilities. Know your capabilities in terms of stamina, thirst, physical strength
  2. A person needs at lowest minimum 1L of water a day. Physically demanding sports take that minimum much higher.
  3. Dressed in layers means more warmth.
  4. In mountains, weather changes fast. That means ONE HOUR means a huge difference. Always be informed before hiking.
  5. If you hike UP the mountain during the sunny day, note that temperature drop in the evening can create a tiny film of ice on the same path when returning. That is due to condense freezing.
  6. Always have a useful multi-tool with you. Swiss knife can save your life in a dramatic situation.
  7. Crampons and ice ax make ascend and descend a lot safer and are an absolute MUST HAVE in snow and ice conditions. Never go hiking in winter without them. Climbers know that, but hikers tend to forget.
  8. A jar of peanut butter is fantastic and easy to carry “just-in-case” food.
  9. I have a small blanket folded at a bottom of my 50 L backpack.
  10. Always carry with you: Flashlight, matches and a small magnifying glass, extra laces. With these four you can make many things, trust me.

How to plan? Do/will I need additional clothing, maybe numerous pairs of socks, nowhere without great trekking boots. maybe I’ll need Hand warmers, mittens, folding trekking poles, head flashlight with spare batteries. Sun can be strong, so sunglasses with UV protection are a must.

Thinking about buying a good GPS watch with altimeter and compass, binoculars etc. Think about situations and what you want to do in wilderness.

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Leon G. Milošević - Author and owner - Caelum Natura


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