Amazfit Stratos

Amazfit Stratos 2 is a multisport smartwatch. It is equipped with GPS, has an excellent level of water resistance, has a pedometer, compass and much more…

Amazfist Stratos – Multisport Smartwatch


Amazfit Stratos 2 is a multisport smartwatchAmazfit Stratos 2 is a multisport smartwatch that will surprise even most demanding users. It is equipped with GPS, has an excellent water resistance (5 ATM), analyses VO2max level, has built-in heart rate sensor, and the best part of it is the screen, with transflective technology, making it more visible with more light. This means direct sunlight will make this, otherwise always-on capable color touch display, even more visible, without the use of any backlight, just the opposite to a smartphone screen in a strong sunlight. A huge plus for battery saving, which makes Amazfit Stratos 2 excellent choice for hikers.

Carbon fiber case looks beautiful and polished ceramic bezel makes it look even better. There is a slight problem with so-called “scratch-resistant tempered glass” because it is not as resistant as manufacturer claims. I had it for a couple of days and managed to scratch the screen when putting my backpack on. Warranty does not cover that, nor was the store willing to replace the product. Still, this watch does not disappoint. We are talking about 170€ watch, that offers built-quality and functionality of much more expensive rivals.

Amazfit Stratos 2 is a multisport smartwatchAfter an update, some things got fixed and I can say heart rate monitor works quite accurately (tested at the doctor and compared to the result of professional heart rate measuring equipment). The three stainless steel physical buttons are not just for looks and enable easy navigation. Comes handy when we have gloves on. The watch supports detailed sports and GPS tracking for walking, running, cycling, climbing (my favorite and most frequently used) etc.

Amazfit Stratos 2 measures maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max) as well, exercise load (TD) and recovery time. All data can be synced and stored within manufacturers dedicated app that you instal on your smartphone. Watch and phone connect through Bluetooth.

I suggest read about AmazMOD and maybe check additional features it offers. With AmazMOD, which is completely free, you take notifications to a whole new level and can also respond with presets that you create within the AmazMOD responses. The watch offers notifications for many apps, including Gmail, Viber, default SMS, Facebook messenger, regular call, etc.

The caller ID displays on the watch if numbers, stored within your smartphone, are without spaces.

Amazfit Stratos 2 is a great and affordable multisport smartwatch.


Amazfit Stratos specifications

  • Processor: 1.2GHz dual-core processor
  • Operating System: Proprietary OS
  • Display: 1.34-inch display 320 x 300 px
  • Memory: 4 GB, 512 MB
  • Battery: 280mAh, five days of normal usage (tested!);
  • Sensors: PPG heart rate sensor, the acceleration sensor, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, light sensor, Triaxial Accelerometer, GPS

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