Various content. Historic points and interesting locatons.

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Leon G. Milošević - Author and owner of Caelum Natura.

Lower altitude locations and amazing nature.


Lower altitude locations and amazing nature.

Higher altitude points and beautiful views.


Higher altitude points and beautiful views.

Hiking equipment, useful gadgets, technology and similar.


Hiking equipment, useful gadgets, technology and similar.

Various content. Historic points and interesting locatons.

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Historicall points and interesting locations.

Various content. Historic points and interesting locatons.

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Passion with purpose.

Let me introduce my self. My name is Leon G. Milošević and I am owner and creator of hiking blog Caelum Natura.

Leon G. Milošević – Owner and creator of Caelum Natura.


My name is Leon G. Milošević. Letter “G” stands for my middle name Goran. I made my first sound back in 1981. Ever since I can remember I loved nature and was looking for adventure, movement, and outdoor activities. Even as a child, I was always looking towards hills and mountains with googly-eyes, wandering “how is it up there?”.

I’ve been hiking and exploring for quite some time now, but I started creating a website on my birthday, 7.12.2018. That is when I recieved a beautiful gift, a multisport smart watch to record all my kilometers. That gave me an idea to make my love for hiking and nature into a website. My goal is to walk 20 000 km. Sound a lot, but it is not that much considering I’ve walked many kilometers already.

Sometimes I walk 5 kilometers in one direction, sometimes 15.

Professionally I have many years of experience in web and graphic design, but last few years I’ve worked mainly with open-source solutions. Considering I do have some writing and few more useful skills, I’ve decided to combine it all into one beautiful project – And that is how project CAELUM NATURA – Leon’s hiking blog was born.

At first it was just an idea to record my hiking adventures for myself, but later on, I came to realize it has much more potential. Yes, there are many blogs like this one, but this one is mine and created with passion.

The technical know-how to set up a website was not an obstacle, while every hiking trip, every hill or a mountain, every spring, castle ruins, church, even single tree on my adventures can provide content, something to write about.

After completing the technical work, I devoted myself to the writing of copyrighted content, meaning I publish exclusively my own photos, videos and texts, making everything on this website my work (be it good or bad).


What CAELUM NATURA actually means?

Caelum Natura is something I came up with when I was thinking of a unique name for my website (domain name). I wanted it to be something nice, not too much technical and most of all something, that sums up how I feel about spending time in nature.

Tho a bit cliché, I used Latin words. CAELUM means heavenly and NATURA means nature. So basically my website’s name is “heavenly nature”. When you will read through the content, look at the photos and videos, please let me know what do you think about the title.


Presented destinations include

  • description,
  • photo gallery
  • video (if available)
  • GPS navigation to the starting point, the one I used as a beginning of the adventure.

There is also a weather forecast based on OpenWeather and hopefully, my blog will help you plan your new adventure.

Thank you for reading through this presentation and don’t forget to share this beautiful blog with your friends. I am not an “influencer”, I’m just a guy in love with nature, amateur photography and video.


Wish you a safe step and countless adventures.

Leon G. Milošević - Caelum Natura