Saddle Kočna – Between Golica and Veliki Vrh

The Kočna saddle (between 1400 and 1500 m.a.s.l.) is reached through an undemanding hiking point between Struška planina and Golica. Stručna is a small mountain range.

Mountain Stol and cabin in the woods

Idyllic cabin in the woods approx. halfway up towards the peak of beautiful mountain Stol (German: Hochstuhl) in Karavanke mountain range, Slovenia. Hidden between…

Mount Planinca

View from Mount Planinca, halfway towards (under) mountain Beginjščica in Slovenija.

Kosutna, Kompotela and Koren Lodge

Besides amazing nature under mountain Kosutna and Kompotela, on the way, you’ll find the beautiful lodge, called Koren Lodge. Word Koren in Slovenian means carrot…

Mountain spring – Begunjščica

Crystal clear spring flowing down from the mountain Begunjščica. Begunjščica is a ridge mountain that stretches from the Smokuša Mountain in the west to the…

Hiking – Roblekov dom

At the top, where the signposts are, we can see mountain Stol (Hochstuhl) with its 2236 meter above sea level (on the left) and mountain Vrtača (Wertatscha)…

Old Lady of Dovje, Triglav and Julian Alps

Hiking to mountain Dovška Baba (English: Old Lady of Dovje and German: Frauenkogel). Dovška Baba is a peak in the Western part of Slovenian Karavanke mountain range…

Kriška gora and the beautiful cabin

In the western part of the ridge of the Kriška gora stands the cottage, which was partly built in 1950 by the Križa mountain association, and it was completed…

View from mountain Krn in Julian Alps

Krn is a mountain in Slovenian Julian Alps and with its 2244 meters above sea level also the highest mountain in the Krn Group. Interesting fact is, that the aerial…

Mountain Triglav from Stol

Glorious mountain Triglav. It is the tallest mountain in Slovenian Julian Alps, with 2684 m.a.s.l. This photo is taken from the mountain called Stol.


Mount Saint Mary, Grmada and river Sava, Tacen Ljubljana

In the middle of the Ljubljana valley there is a peak called Grmada with an altitude of 676 and Šmarna gora (Mount Saint Mary) with an altitude of 669 m.

Castle Socerb – Medieval Fort overviewing the Gulf of Trieste

On the Karst edge, 437 meters above the sea, above the settlement Socerb stands a beautiful medieval fortress with mighty walls. The Socerb Castle (San Servolo)

Šmarjetna gora – Sightseeing point above Kranj

Šmarjetna gora is a 646 meters high hill above Kranj which, despite the relatively low altitude, offers a wonderful 360° view. My name is Leon and with the help of…

Nanos – Geological attractions and beauties of the Slovenian Karst

Nanos is a 12 km long karst plateau combined with many individual peaks. It is a geological jewel and a very popular destination for hikers. It is an interesting…

Lubnik – Škofja Loka in the palm of your hand

Lubnik is a beautiful hill above the city of Škofja Loka. At the top of the Lubnik, there is a mountain lodge, known for tasty local food and being friendly…

Blegoš in the Škofja Loka hills

Blegoš – The second highest peak in the Škofja Loka mountain (hills) range. With an altitude of 1562 m.a.s.l., Blegoš is 104 meters shorter than a Ratitovec…

Tošč – Becoming highest peak

Tošč is a hill in Slovenia, part of so-called Polhograjsko gorovje. With an altitude of 1021 m.a.s.l. it is the highest peak in the mentioned region, but…

Stane Kosec peak at Rašica above Ljubljana

The “Stane Kosec” peak in a point at the top of the hill Rašica, located north of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. Hill Rašica, with its altitude of 641 m.a.s.l…


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Hiking essentials – What to carry in my backpack?

Hiking gives us beautiful experiences. Amazing nature and spectacular views can be just as breathtaking as the hike itself, but what about some situations on a trip?

Huawei P20 Pro

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NUPTSE 12 point crampons

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Town walls Piran and Parish Church of Sv. Yuri

To this day, the city walls of Piran are preserved in its medieval shape. In the 10th century, a fort was built above the oldest quarter of Piran, Punta, where…

Smlednik Castle and millennial history

To the east of Zbiljsko Lake and to the north of Šmarna gora, there are the ruins of the medieval castle Smlednik. The first mention of the Smlednik dates back to 1136…

DC3 Dakota – Allies landing zone in Otok, Bela Krajina

The village Otok, Bela krajina, which is situated in the beautiful nature along the Kolpa River, there is a location with DC3 Dakota., airplane from world war II

River Krupa – Natural monument in Bela krajina, Slovenia

The spring of the river Krupa – Natural monument, protected under #natura2000. River Krupa comes out under the 30 meters high rock wall, that clearly shows tectonic…

Saint Jedrt church in the village Selo

Saint Jedrt church in the village Selo under hill Tošč. This idyllic little church is halfway towards hill Tošč. If you want to go to the top of the hill…

Church of Saint Lawrence

If you go right to the village of Podpulferca, you’ll soon see the church of St. Lovrenc. The church stands on the Mount of Sv. Lovrenc, which is 608 m.a.s.l…

Lake Bled with island and traditional boat Pletna

World-known Lake Bled, with island and a traditional boat called “Pletna”. The “Pletna” is a traditional boat that takes you on a lovely cruise on the lake…

Source of the river Hubelj in Ajdovščina

Spectacular source of the river Hubelj in Slovenia, city Ajdovščina. The Hubelj River originates from the Sturska gora (Sturska mountain), which rises 681 meters…

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Welcome to the Caelum Natura website.

My name is Leon G. M. I am 37 years old “young” and an enthusiastic hiker, in love with nature, especially hills and mountains. I am the author/owner of photographs and texts on this website. It’s a personal blog about hiking, beautiful nature, mountaineering, photography, and hiking equipment through my eyes and a lens of not-at-all-professional equipment.

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The name is combined of two Latin phrases. “Caelum” meaning heaven, and “Natura“, meaning nature.

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If It catches my eye, I’ll capture it in a photo! Sometimes unimportant and trivial things, sometimes boundless horizons. I am not a professional photographer, and I don’t present my self as one. I capture photos with my mobile phone simply as a hiker, looking for what is beautiful and interesting.

Facebook and Instagram page Caelum Natura are, just as an official website, dedicated mainly to my hiking routes, hills, and mountains, but also nature and beautiful “things” in general. Every corner I visit I immortalize with a photo. I don’t use any special or professional photo equipment. Just my mobile phone and Lightroom.

The general idea behind photos is not “cold” realism but somewhat creative approach to mother nature, history and everything I find interesting on my hiking trips. Hope you find it interesting to see and read.

In nature, light creates the color. In the picture, color creates the light.

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