Caelum Natura – Blog about hills, mountains and history.

Are you looking for a hiking adventure? Although there are many ways to plan your hiking trip, you’ve found hiking website Caelum Natura and don’t worry, it is the right place for your hiking plans. Welcome to Caelum Natura, personal hiking blog, designed and created for all who love spending time in nature and enjoy hiking (walking) the distance and exploring interesting places.

A perfect way to find a great hiking trail is to read through Caelum Natura website. Here you can find locations, detailed information and use GPS navigation to the starting points just by clicking the button.

About the blog

Caelum Natura is a hiking related website, dedicated to nature, interesting places, hills, mountains, and historical sites. The goal of the website is to present locations in an interesting and useful way while helping you plan hiking adventures.

The locations include a description of hiking route, photos, a GPS navigation to the starting point, a weather forecast and, if available, a video presentation. The hiking website Caelum Natura is therefore intended for anyone planning an adventure in nature or exploring historic sites.

Why create a hiking themed website?

It is an amazing feeling when passion and purpose join hands. As an avid hiker, with great enthusiasm to create something meaningful and useful, I wish to combine what I love with what I do for a living. The mission of Caelum Natura hiking blog is to become a genuine hiking advisor, useful to all who are looking for a good adventure.

This website will provide you with detailed info about locations, navigation to the starting point, altitude, weather, photos, videos and much much more. Emphasis on accessible points, phisically not too demanding.

You’ll be able to see places I’ve been to, mountains and hills I’ve climbed, historically interesting points I’ve visited, etc. With all that, I will give you useful tips on where you can eat, sleep, enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, camping and much much more. Join me on this beautiful quest, powered by the beauty of mother nature and endless historically interesting, must-visit places. This blog is for me and you!

Leon G. Milošević